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When I talk about "taking over" a Carnival cruise booking, I'm referring to the process where our agency (Playtime Travel Co.) assumes the management of your current booking made directly with Carnival.


This means you will receive:

Dedicated Assistance: You'll have me as your primary point of contact. I'll help you with any questions, requests, or changes you might need regarding your cruise.

Expert Advice: My "Takeover" process is an extension of what we provide on YouTube. I can provide insights, tips, and recommendations based on our expertise to ensure you have the best cruising experience.

However, even after we take over, all the terms and conditions you agreed upon during your initial booking with Carnival remain intact.

If you're interested in this service, complete the form below. I'm here to ensure your cruise experience is a memorable one!

Carnival Booking Transfer Guidelines

Carnival Booking Transfer Guidelines


#1. Carnival will not allow an Agency Takeover on bookings that are past the final payment date. 

#2. The takeover transaction must happen no later than 90 days after the booking is made or prior to any penalties have occurred (whichever occurs first). 

#3. Transfer Cost is only $25.00

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